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Welcome to the 10K Hub. Here you will find exclusive behind the scenes content, blogs & vlogs, podcast episodes as well as updates on the brand and of course new music.

Ten Thousand Hours: The Album Journey

The official trailer for the 'Ten Thousand Hours' album launch, chronicling the highlights of Joshua. James' album rollout from it's completion in March 2020 to its release in July 2021.

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Joshua. James Produces Song For Eurovision CZ

The final seven songs shortlisted to represent Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have been announced. Giudi's song 'Jezinky', produced by Joshua. James, is one of them and you can vote for it to win below.


Deadline for voting is 15 December 2021 with the winner to be announced on 16 December 2021.

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Joshua. James Presents: Decoded

Season One - 'Ten Thousand Hours' 

An audio documentary series that delves into the ten thousand hour journey's of some of the most talented humans in their respective creative fields. 

Season 1 is dedicated to a thorough deep dive on Joshua. James' debut album 'Ten Thousand Hours.'

DJ Semtex x Joshua. James

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Capital Xtra's DJ Semtex was in attendance at the private listening party for Joshua. James' debut album 'Ten Thousand Hours' and shares his thoughts on the music.

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