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Okayplayer (August '21)

"UK producer Joshua. James enlists an impressive group of collaborators to chronicle his artistic evolution on Ten Thousand Hours."

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Wordplay Magazine (August '21)

The 9 track LP is a chronicle of the producers’ journey through the music industry so far, pulling in a range of artists who use their unique voices to help tell his story. 

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GUAP Magazine (July '21)

The Producer’s Voice is a new series for GUAP where we highlight the stories of instrumental crafters. We hope to bring their stories to the forefront instead of kept behind the artist they are producing for. 

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Visions TV Online (February '21)

"After listening to the EP, it has a great vibe and it is definitely something to listen to this month and with Joshua. James, these are a pair you must watch out for this year."

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We Are Soul (February '21)

We Are Soul featured Joshua. James as their producer of the week.

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Music Insider Global (January '21)

"We are particularly obsessed with the guitar and whistle musical break in the track which brings in a country-esque element very rarely heard within the genre, especially in the UK scene."

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Capital Xtra Radio (November '20)

DJ Semtex debuts 'Homies' single live on his Friday night show.

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Wordplay Magazine (September '20)

"‘The Appreciation’ is a creative perspective on the current crazy state of affairs happening in the world right now."

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The Pit LDN (July '20)

"Joshua. James recreates the emotion behind a summer day with his latest track ‘The Appreciation’."

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